HRFSA is the conduct regulator for around 20,000 financial services firms and financial markets in Europe. Financial markets need to be honest, fair, and effective so consumers get a fair deal. We aim to make markets work well for individuals, businesses and for the economy as a whole. Applicants must meet a range of requirements before we allow them to operate in the market. We review their business plans, risks, budgets, resources, systems, controls, and whether key staff has the necessary qualifications and experience to carry out their roles effectively. We examine the risks and control systems in financial companies and supervise compliance with statutes, ordinances, and other regulations

What do we do?

HRFSA operational objectives are to:

  1. Protect consumers – we secure an appropriate degree of protection for consumers
  2. Protect financial markets – we protect and enhance the integrity of the financial system
  3. Promote competition – we promote effective competition in the interests of consumers

Our mission

HRFSA is an independent public body funded entirely by the fees we charge regulated firms. We measure our performance using service standards. These are the levels of performance that we aim to meet when carrying out our regulatory functions. Our mission is to contribute to a stable financial system characterized by high confidence, well-functioning markets, and a high level of consumer protection as well as sustainability. We assess the financial health of individual companies, the various sectors and the financial market as a whole.