Complaints help us learn lessons and improve our performance. We do not investigate individual complaints, but the financial firms we regulate must have a procedure in place for resolving disputes with their customers. In general, financial services firms we regulate must respond to your complaint in writing within 8 weeks. They must tell you whether the complaint has been successful or why they need more time to investigate the complaint

Firm failure

Firm failures are a normal part of the business. Our role is not to stop firms from failing, but we do aim for the failure to cause as little disruption as possible. We do this by making sure that firms have proper measures in place to keep your money safe. If a firm fails and owes you money, you may be able to claim compensation depending on the firm and type of activity it does. It's a simple process, is free to use, and you can get help if you need it. Remember, some firms and financial activities aren't covered (for example, high-cost short-term credit, money held with electronic money institutions, authorized payment institutions and small payment institutions).

    Applicant details

    Complaint details

    - Name of the provider you have a dispute with

    - Describe the character of your dispute

    Additional Comments

    - What do you is rational for resolving this dispute

    Supporting documents

    - Please attach copies of all documents you have
    that relate to your dispute