New firm authorization

Before you start to invest always check if the firm is regulated. Firms can only provide investment services in the European Union (EU) if they are authorized to do so by an EU regulator. If a firm is not authorized to provide investment services and activities, it is not allowed to provide them. This register specifies the types of investment services that each firm is authorized to provide.

Authorisation process

  • Send us your completed application form and appropriate fee.
  • Offer your case officer more information, clarification and/or evidence, as requested.
  • Check your application against various databases and information held by other regulatory agencies.
  • Make a decision on your application.

Unauthorised firms

Unauthorized firms try to avoid complying with the controls that legal, authorized entities are subject to, leaving investors totally unprotected. In some cases, national regulators identify a company or a person that is not authorized to provide investment services and who they have evidence, or suspect, of carrying out these services without proper authorization.